An RDP Retrofit in Lynedoch

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A new house is being erected in the Lynedoch Eco Village built by Siqalo Eco Builders.  It is made of a compressed earth block which contains an additive from Anyway Solutions.

We’ve been extremely privileged to have a phenomenal team on this project, they have been exceptionally generous to work on this pilot project at no cost and for that we are very grateful. The team is consists of: Carl Morkel from Morkel Architects, Gavin Lutge is our structural engineer, Malcolm Worby, and Alex Alexander from Anyway Solutions.

The house is aimed at being a retrofit of a standard RDP house currently offered by our South African Government, however, with a larger square metre footprint (50.7 sqm) and sustainability principles incorporated into it. This is an “upgrade” from our well known ishack morphed into house form. The house will be fitted with solar panels to feed into a battery which will store the energy to power the entire house, along with a solar heated geyser for further reduction in energy consumption and associated costs.

The house has now reached roof height, the trusses are in and it has taken physical shape very well.  NHBRC inspections are also underway.