A great week for complexity

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B/M Phil students on the Complexity Theory and Systems Thinking module this week were fortunate enough to have the opportunity of attending a number of fantastic presentations and lectures by world-renowned leaders in their fields.

On Monday, students had the chance to listen to distinguished speaker, ecological economist Marjan Van Den Belt and her System Dynamics Approach to Mediated Modeling.

Tuesday, the students had a presentation by Prof Jan-Hendrik (Jannie) Hofmeyr.  Prof Hofmeyr presented to the students an insight into his complexity approach to his work and research in biochemistry (available here).  Prof Hofmeyr is currently at the University of Stellenbosch and is a highly regarded, A-rated scientist and winner of several awards, including the Harry Oppenheimer Fellowship Award.

Prof Paul Cilliers, professor in philosophy at the University of Stellenbosch, another A-rated scientist and first social sceintist to win the Harry Oppenheimer Fellowship Award winner is the leading lecturer on the Complexity Theory course for the sixth year running.