Further Education & Training College

Updated: Saturday, 28 April 2012

Learning for Sustainability was established in 2008, in partnership with the Sustainability Institute. It is a Section 21 company constituted in terms of Non-Profit Organisation act (71 of 1997). Learning for Sustainability (LFS) is a fully accredited service provider and operates as a fully-fledged registered Further Education and Training College.

LFS is built on the values of contributing towards community transformation through the integration of ecological learning; equity with a specific focus on social justice and poverty eradication. This is enabled by community and youth facilitated development initiatives via accredited programmes, with the aim of building a national cohort of entrepreneurial young leaders, committed to innovative ideas that captivate and build communities.

Learning for Sustainability has strategically focused on three core areas in community development:
- Early Childhood development (ECD)
- Sustainable Community Development (SCD) 
- Vocational Skills (VS) 

Each programme begins with an induction course, followed by an Introduction to Sustainable Development, which is a one week course. This course provides the participants with an overview of the development challenges and offers sustainable development as an alternative.  A look at the state of the world, worldviews  and the 'shape of my world' with a  specific focus on the various social issues  and their facets as well as solutions to community development such as  how to build community relations;  ecological design, visioning of different settlements and the role of local economics, livelihoods in communities. Lastly a visit to the landfill, wastewater treatment plant and water purification plant builds an awareness about the effects of pollution and ways  of taking care of our environments.