GROWTH Art Exhibition

You are invited to an art exhibition by Ghetto Art Gallery and the Sustainability Institute, representing artist Tumelo Lamola. Tumelo Lamola was born and raised in Rockville, Soweto. She studied art at Funda Center in 2006, and continued her art studies at the National School of the Arts in 2007 till 2009, after which she studied Photography at Jonathan Andrews school for Photography. She worked as a photographer for 4 years and then began to focus all her attention on fine art.

"I have great appreciation for abstract art, I believe it gives the artist room to create in their mind and bring it out through there medium of art. My work reflects my interpretation of nature and life in general, using abstract art. I believe an artist's work is to create and not to emulate. My theme is Growth and growth to me means an elevation and looking forward to evolving into who you want to be and meant to be. I chose this theme due to the current growth in my life - from my newly found responsibilities to my career growth."

The exhibition will be on display until 20 November 2017, and can be viewed weekdays between 08:00 and 17:00.


20 Oct until 20 Oct
17:30 - 20:00 
Sustainability Institute 
Free entrance, snacks and refreshments available for purchase

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Contact Person
Maxime Delafoy 
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