Food Rev Landing

Food (R)evolutions exhibition

The Food System Centre is using food, film and photography as a vehicle for generating on and off-campus interest and discussion in the use of Transdisciplinary Research as a means of tackling complex and persistent challenges in Africa.

Launching in July 2015 we curated a food exhibition exploring the theme of evolving food systems that makes use of mixed media, such as imagery and film, to raise interest in food systems research using transdisciplinary research methodology. By blending photography, narrative theory and contemporary perspectives on African food systems into an integrated demonstration of applied transdisciplinary research we hope to:

  • Raise the academic profile of TD research and research methodologies in the ACCAI network of universities.
  • Mainstream the use of alternative forms of 'texts' (in this case film and imagery) as important and legitimate research vehicles, well suited to the co-generation of TD research with non-academic communities
  • Publicise avenues for engagement, funding and further training in TDR methodologies (eg. TD Summer & Winter Schools)

The exhibition is designed to travel to ACCAI partner universities serving as a flagship vehicle for raising awareness about TDR and food systems. To find out more about exhibition dates and venues, visit the Food (R)evolutions website.