Goals/Key Features

Updated: Sunday, 19 February 2012

Goals of the Lynedoch Eco-Village

  • The establishment of a socially and economically viable mixed community, which is centred around a learning precinct
  • Practical and working example of an ecologically designed urban system that uses local replicable technologies
  • Financially viable property development, including both construction, sale and ongoing maintenance and operations

Key Features of the Lynedoch Eco-Village

  • A primary school
  • A pre-school 
  • A large multi-purpose hall 
  • Offices and classrooms for the Sustainability Institute 
  • Conversion of the old Drie Gewels Hotel and existing residential house into 25 residences 
  • 45 new residential sites in Phase 1, with 15 earmarked for government housing subsidy
  • commercial space for offices or small manufacturers and crafters
  • A village green and landscaped areas laid out in accordance with permaculture principles
  • A limited traffic and secure environment for children and pedestrians

Courtesy of the Lexi Cinema (UK), click the following links for short video clips about life in the village:

Swop shop - children can swop trash for useful goods

The Creche at Lynedoch and how it works

Karate Kids - Karate training in the hall

Lynedoch Film School - how the school came about

Gretchen's House - inside one of the Lynedoch houses

Dop - film made by village kids, Gretchen Gelant, Wilber van Niekerk, and John Wayne Smith. Wilber has since been accepted into Film School.

Journey through the gardens - a Prezi presentation on the gardens compiled by the 2012 intake of masters students can be found at:  http://prezi.com/f5ucrqnmigzy/si/

To access all the relevant documentation about the Lynedoch EcoVillage Development click on the links below (or from the Home Page click on News & Documents drop down menu and then click on Lynedoch EcoVillage for a more complete list of relevant documentation):

icon Lynedoch EcoVillage Home Owners Association - Memo of Association (121.56 kB)

icon Lynedoch EcoVillage Home Owners Association - Articles (172.4 kB)

icon Lynedoch Phase1Surveyed Layout (2.16 MB)

icon Lynedoch EcoVillage Code of Conduct (102.07 kB)

icon Lynedoch EcoVillage Architectural Guidelines (91.55 kB)

icon Lynedoch EcoVillage Design Guide (539.98 kB)

icon Lynedoch EcoVillage Services and Service Charges (86.2 kB)

icon Lynedoch EcoVillage Phase 1 Services and Facilities (16.49 kB)

icon Lynedoch Design Checklist (29.5 kB)

icon Lynedoch Building Lines (234.34 kB)

icon Stellenbosch Zoning Scheme (109.99 kB)

Other documents:

icon Building Sustainable Communities: the Case of Lynedoch - Mark Swilling & Eve Annecke (115.34 kB)

icon Agama Energy Report - Lynedoch (873.5 kB)

icon Lynedoch's Water and Sanitation system - Terry Dowling (465.12 kB)

icon An experiment in living and learning - the Lynedoch story (184.26 kB)

icon Ros Van Niekerk recieves Award (164.2 kB)