Updated: Thursday, 14 May 2009

Sustainability Institute Residences

The Sustainability Institute has residences available for course participants and sabbaticants. These are mainly located in the Old Hotel building which has been renovated for this purpose. There are several rooms with en suite bathrooms, plus cheaper rooms with twin beds and shared bathroom. A communal kitchen is available, plus a laundry. Normally, course participants who stay for a week or two will require a serviced room plus two or three meals per day. However, there are those who stay for several months and they only require an unserviced room with no meals, using the kitchen when they need to in order to prepare meals. Everyone is required to contribute a bit of time each day to cleaning and meal preparation during courses. Security is provided at night and on weekends by a professional security service. Please refer to Accommodation Rates for the different options.

Please note that the Sustainability Institute reserves the right to change these charges without notice at any point in time, and that these new charges will not be applicable to those who have already concluded a contract with the Institute.

Village Hotel at Spier

Participants of the Sustainability Institute courses will either stay at the Village Hotel at Spier or the Sustainability Institute residences in the Lynedoch Hamlet. Sabbatical residences are available on application.

Another option is a Bed & Breakfast facility called Soverby Guest House.