Advanced System Dynamics Modelling

This is an advanced course in system dynamics, a sequel to System Dynamics Modelling 771/871. It is intended for system dynamicists or students with prior knowledge in system dynamics who want to take advanced topics in system dynamics.

Students will conduct a project for a real-world problem facing a society or an organisation using the method of system dynamics. Students will learn advanced topics in system dynamics modelling and they will apply these in the group project where they will conceptualize and build a system dynamics model “from scratch,” following the system dynamics modelling process. The course will emphasize developing insights using the system dynamics method and communicating model outputs in a real-world problem situation.

The topics that will be covered in the course include:

  • Building models with subscripting (arrays)
  • Modelling with molecules
  • Interactive models
  • Imports and export data to spreadsheet
  • Optimisation to fit a model to historical data and select effective policies
  • Testing robustness of policies with Monte Carlo sensitivity techniques
  • Building games and learning labs
  • Input-output interface

Upon completion of this course the student will have:

  • Enhanced skills in model building, validation and communicating models in a real world problem situation
  • Hands on experience in the selected advanced modelling topics
  • An understanding of advancement in the field of system dynamics modelling