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Food System Transitions

Students will engage with and critique food system transitions (including governance, policy and ideological positions) within the context of food security and food system sustainability. They will be equipped to apply food systems thinking, identify various ideological positions in food debates and analyse food policy and governance practices.

This is the newest course on offer in the stream and was developed to allow students to engage with the variety of responses to our unsustainable food system that are being proposed and tested. Students should have completed the 'Food Security and Globalised Agriculture' module before taking this one, although special allowances can be made if the circumstances warrant it (e.g. for those who wish to take the course but who are not pursuing the Postgraduate Diploma). This module brings together a variety of guest lecturers, including activists working in the system, and may include a variety of field trips to view food systems transitions in practice.

Target Group

Postgraduate students, professionals and practitioners working in government, corporate or civil society who have an understanding of the current challenges in the food system, and the causes thereof, and who wish to explore the pathways to a more sustainable food system that are being discussed and tested in South Africa and around the world.  


Candice coordinates the activities of the team at the Food Systems Centre. As part of this role, she heads the sustainable food systems stream within the PDG and MPhil degrees and is appointed as an Extraordinary Lecturer at Stellenbosch University.