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Food Security & Globalised Agriculture

Participants will describe, analyse and critically evaluate the different options for ensuring food security from a sustainable development perspective, within a globalised food system, with a deep dive into South African agriculture, food security and varying policy responses and debates.

An exciting group of experts are brought together to teach on the central themes, which include an overview of globalised agriculture and food systems, the role of the private sector in food systems, the historical development of the concept of food security and ways in which governments attempt to improve food security and nutrition outcomes.

Target Group

Post-graduate students, professionals and practitioners working in government, corporate or civil society sectors who wish to gain a deeper and broader understanding of the forces at work in the globalised food system and the causes of hunger and obesity. This course offers the opportunity to truly get to grips with this complex phenomenon, as it is only through a thorough examination of the problems that one can begin to assess and create possible solutions.


Candice coordinates the activities of the team at the Food Systems Centre. As part of this role, she heads the sustainable food systems stream within the PDG and MPhil degrees and is appointed as an Extraordinary Lecturer at Stellenbosch University.