Short courses

Introduction to Sustainable Development

13 - 18 March 2017: This course will provide course participants with an overview of the most significant global environmental, social and economic challenges that face humankind, and an insight into the solutions suggested by the universal commitment to sustainable development. Course participants will be able to recognise, understand and apply the divergent interpretations of sustainable development that currently exist.

The main themes will include:

• Review of the most important environmental problems, such as climate change, waste and pollution, biodiversity destruction and the general contradiction between resource use and carrying capacity;

• Review of the most significant social challenges, including demographic change and expansion, pandemics, poverty, endemic violence, migration and urbanisation;

• Review of the key global economic trends that currently determine and shape the dynamics of national and local economies;

• Introduction to the history of, and different approaches to, the notion of sustainable development;

• Case studies of sustainable development in practice at the policy and project levels.

Target Group

Postgraduate students, professionals and practitioners working in government, corporate or civil society sectors who would like to understand the sustainability challenges faced at a global scale, but also to explore what this means from a local as well as personal perspective by engaging in discussions and reflection during class. No prior experience or knowledge in Sustainable Development is needed.

Leadership and Environmental Ethics

Facilitation for Sustainable Transitions

Transdisciplinary design for transformation

Comparative studies in sustainable living (Nepal): 11 - 29 Sep 2017

Corporate Governance and Sustainability: 24 - 29 Jul 2017

Sustainable Enterprise: 21 - 26 Aug 2017

Systems and technologies for sustainable agriculture: 27 Mar - 1 Apr 2017