Short courses

Systems & Technologies for Sustainable Agriculture

27 March - 01 April 2017: This course introduces the philosophy and principles underlying alternative sustainable farming systems (e.g. organic farming, biodynamics) and applies them to different crop and animal production systems through case study teaching. 

Agriculture needs to become more sustainable to meet the needs of our growing global population within the environmental limits we face. Students will learn about using the inputs of soil, water, energy, labour and capital (assets) in a sustainable way that includes local environmental conditions, economic considerations and social networks.

Target Group

Postgraduate students, professionals and practitioners working in government, corporate or civil society sectors who wish to explore the philosophical underpinnings of alternative agricultural production systems. Exciting farm visits will introduce some of the more practical aspects of these farming approaches, but the course is largely theoretical in nature.


Raymond is Associate Professor in the School of Natural Resource Management, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

Leadership and Environmental Ethics

Facilitation for Sustainable Transitions

Transdisciplinary design for transformation

Comparative studies in sustainable living (Nepal): 11 - 29 Sep 2017

Corporate Governance and Sustainability: 24 - 29 Jul 2017

Sustainable Enterprise: 21 - 26 Aug 2017

Systems and technologies for sustainable agriculture: 27 Mar - 1 Apr 2017