Lynedoch Youth

Ecological learning for sustainability means using multi-pronged approaches to offer spaces for creativity to emerge - for the unexpected to blossom and for children to find their paths in ways that generate hope. 

The youth programme seeks to support and inspire youth to choose positive life paths, and discover their full potential through education, fun and nature in a nurturing and creative environment. Our approach to creating spaces at Lynedoch includes using nature as our teacher, engaging in issues of sustainabiity, encouraging a broader world view, and helping youth develop a passion through dedication and persistence.

Lynedoch United Football Club

Lynedoch United Football Club

40 youth are members of the Lynedoch United Football club, meeting twice a week for training, and taking part in matches in the Stellenbosch LFA over weekends. We also have a senior soccer team with 23 members. We compete in the Promotional League which is managed by SAFA Cape Winelands.
Karate programme

Karate programme

This programme is held by Sensei Tony Edwards, taking place during school hours, serving about 20 children. “Kushido is an international karate system that was founded in South Africa in 1963. Classes concentrate on developing self-defense skills and true Martial Art characteristics within the practitioner that include: a healthy body and mind, discipline, focus and respect”.

Youth Hub

The Youth Hub has been established to create an effective and holistic intervention point for school going youth and young adults in the Cape Winelands district. Through the hub we seek to instill the following: Responsibility to self / environment / community, proactive role in their own lives, a thirst for knowledge, a positive work ethic, freedom and fun within limits and a sense of belonging. Our high school learner interventions include the provision of strong academic support in order for them to complete their schooling, as well as providing information on opportunities available to them after high school. The Youth Hub is a safe and fun space where the youth can come together to build positive relationships and secure support and acknowledgement. The hub is also a formal space that gives the youth access to various forms of technology. The Youth Hub runs Siyazenzela, a three week intensive life skills course that has already improved the lives of many young adults.

 Stories to celebrate

ALISTAIR BLANKENBERG (20) grew up in rural Vlaeberg outside of Stellenbosch, a community facing lots of challenges including domestic violence, lack of housing, high levels of teenage pregnancies, high school drop outs, lack of proper access to water and electricity, neglected and malnourished children. Alastair’s chronically ill father raised Alastair on his own after his mother passed away. When CHANGES Aftercare started Alistair was one of the first to join the group and he was able to access assistance with personal issues at home and particularly with math homework, and legal assistance to follow up on accessing a family social security grant. Alistair is doing well in his final year of high school and growing into a wonderful independent young man. The programme offered at Lynedoch helped Alistair to make a positive change in his life. Alistair is a true life success story of courage and perseverance.

ATHALIA HLAHATSI (19) grew up in the Lynedoch Valley, attending Lynedoch Primary School. Athalia lives with her mom and her younger sister on Carrigvale Farm.

Athalia has attended Changes youth for many years now. Last year, along with Daniel Nero, she went to London after winning the competition run by the Institute in conjunction with the Lexi Cinema. 

She is doing well in her final year of high school and growing into an amazing young lady who carries herself with grace and confidence. Having academic support throughout her schooling has contributed towards her success so far. She is currently in her matric year and looks forward to studying tourism in the future.


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