People of the Institute

Julia Jansen
Facilitator - Early Learning

Julia Jansen is a Facilitator in Lynedoch Early Learning (3-6 years).

Colleen Erasmus
Facilitator - Early Learning

Colleen Erasmus works with the Lynedoch Early Learning team, having recently completed a 0-3 Assistants to Infancy Diploma in London at the Prestigious Association Montessori Internationale. 

Fumanekile Qhinga

Fumanekile is silent force of nature in the Woodland, tending to the growing needs of a family of indigenous trees and shrubs which require tending to survive and flourish the rigours of our seasonal wet-land and the Stellenbosch summer.

Anneke Muller

Anneke Muller is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Public Leadership. She was appointed to this position in 1997 as part of the then Department of Town and Regional Planning, which amalgamated with the Department of Public Management to form the School of Public Management and Planning, (later becoming the School of Public Leadership).

Racheal Sithole
Financial Administrator

Racheal is the Financial Administrator, managing the day-to-day finance operations, and offering administration support to all projects within the SI. 

Josephine Musango

Prof Josephine Kaviti Musango holds bachelor degree in Agribusiness Management; master degree in Agricultural Economics; and a Transdisciplinary Doctoral in Sustainable Development. She is currently appointed as an Associate Professor with the School of Public Leadership (SPL).

Eve Annecke
Founder & Lecturer

Eve Annecke is responsible for creating the SI's approach to learning, and her masters level teaching is in sustainability, complexity, leadership, environmental ethics and facilitation.

David Hees
Solar Utility Manager

David has been a Project Manager and Consultant for the last 10 years working in the fields of renewable energy, eco-building techniques and energy efficiency.

Rika Preiser

Rika Preiser is based at the Centre for Studies in Complexity since 2009 and has been a part-time lecturer in the Department of Philosophy since 2008 at the Stellenbosch University, South Africa. 

Candice Kelly
Programme Coordinator - Food Systems Centre

Candice coordinates the activities of the team at the Food Systems Centre. As part of this role, she heads the sustainable food systems stream within the PDG and MPhil degrees and is appointed as an Extraordinary Lecturer at Stellenbosch University. 

Alan Brent

Prof. Alan Brent is a chemical engineer by background with Masters degrees in environmental sciences, technology management, and sustainable development, and a PhD in engineering management.

Firoz Khan

Firoz Khan is Senior Lecturer at Stellenbosch University, teaching in the area of Political Economy, Trade and Finance, Applied Economics, Institutional Economics, (Advanced) Research Methodology, and Development Planning.

Pamella Kolanisi
Maintenance Agent - iShack

Pamella joined the iShack Project in 2015 as a trainee maintenance agent and now fulfils various responsibilities within the project, including Client Services, Technical Services and installations. 

Jeremy Wakeford

Dr Jeremy Wakeford is an economist specialising in energy, resources and sustainability transitions.

Melicia van Wiese
Assistant - Early Learning

Melicia is an assistant of Lynedoch Early Learning and looks after children from the ages of 0-3 years old in the crèche. 

Raymond Auerbach

Raymond is Associate Professor in the School of Natural Resource Management, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

Mandisa Sakawali
Assistant - Early Learning

Mandisa takes care of the 3-6 year olds at the crèche of Lyendoch Early Learning.

Etai Even-Zahav
Research Fellow & Academic Support

Having recently joined the Food Systems team in 2016, Tai has a BA in history and politics from Rhodes University and an MPhil in Sustainable Development from Stellenbosch University.

Zainab Karriem
Managing Director: Learning for Sustainability

Zainab is the Managing Director of the Learning for Sustainability programme and has a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Masters in Business Administration.

Jeeten Morar

Jeeten joined the Sustainability Institute team in 2016 and coordinates and co-presents introductory sustainability short courses. He is also working on expanding the SI’s sustainability training footprint.

Marjorie Naidoo

Marjorie Naidoo’s fascination lies at the intersection of Design and Urbanism, Ethics, Political Economics, and Sustainability.  She presents the module on Transdisciplinary Design for Transformation. 

Natasha Rossouw
Youth Coordinator

Natasha is the Youth Coordinator at the Sustainability Institute and has been involved in youth projects since the age of 14. 

Eduardo Shimahara

Shima was born in São Paulo, Brazil. A mechanical engineer for 10 years, he led teams in France, Spain before leaving his career to start a small consultancy business, which 12 years later became the 6th largest group of private universities in Brazil.

Melisa Makillie
Youth Hub Co-ordinator

Melisa is invested in inspiring the youth of our community through her position as Youth Hub Co-ordinator.

Luke Metelerkamp
Research Fellow - Food Systems Centre

Luke has been based at the Sustainability Institute in Stellenbosch since 2009 where he was the head of the Food Systems team from 2014 until 2016. Currently, he is a research fellow with the Food Systems Centre.