People of the Institute

Jess Schulschenk

Jess is the Director of the Sustainability Institute. She is an extraordinary lecturer with the School of Public Leadership at the University of Stellenbosch, coordinating the Corporate Governance and Sustainable Enterprise module for the PGD and MPhil programmes.


Joe Warren
Programme Assistant

Joe assists with the planning for some of our academic programmes.

Josephine Musango

Prof Josephine Kaviti Musango holds bachelor degree in Agribusiness Management; master degree in Agricultural Economics; and a Transdisciplinary Doctoral in Sustainable Development. She is currently appointed as an Associate Professor with the School of Public Leadership (SPL).

Julia Jansen
Facilitator - Early Learning

Julia Jansen is a Facilitator in Lynedoch Early Learning (3-6 years).

Juliet McGear
Learning for Sustainability Program Manager

Juliet joined the Sustainability Institute in 2016 as the Learning for Sustainability’s Program Manager.

June Stone
Spaces Manager

June is the Spaces Manager for the building and facilities team. She obtained a BA degree and Higher Diploma in Education from the University of the Western Cape and been a firm member of the SI team since 2005.

Kerneels Claasen

Kerneels is the driver at the Sustainability Institute.

Lisa Plaatjies
Facilitator - Early Learning

Lisa is a Facilitator in Lynedoch Early Learning (3-6 years).

Litha Magida
Operations Officer

Litha is the Operations Officer and has a Masters Degree in Sustainable Development Planning and Management from Stellenbosch University.

Lucienne Krots
Kitchen Assistant

Lucy is one of the friendly staff at the Sustainability Institute’s Green Café.

Luke Metelerkamp
Research Fellow - Food Systems Centre

Luke has been based at the Sustainability Institute in Stellenbosch since 2009 where he was the head of the Food Systems team from 2014 until 2016. Currently, he is a research fellow with the Food Systems Centre.

Lydia Kedilatile Wesinyana
Guesthouse Co-ordinator

Lydia is the Guesthouse Co-ordinator and one of our very own 'Master' Chefs at the Sustainability Institute.

Makka Johnson
Eco-lodge Caretaker
Makka is our friendly caretaker at the Drie Gewels Eco-Lodge.
Mandisa Sakawali
Assistant - Early Learning

Mandisa takes care of the 3-6 year olds at the crèche of Lyendoch Early Learning.

Marjorie Naidoo

Marjorie Naidoo’s fascination lies at the intersection of Design and Urbanism, Ethics, Political Economics, and Sustainability.  She presents the module on Transdisciplinary Design for Transformation. 

Mark Swilling
Academic Director

Mark is a Distinguished Professor and Programme Coordinator: Sustainable Development in the School of Public Leadership, University of Stellenbosch and Academic Director of the Sustainability Institute.

Marriam Jacobs (Maya )

Maya keeps the SI looking spotless, which is no small feat considering the number of leaves that blow in through windows we love to keep open.

Megan Mavandal
Kitchen Assistant

Megan is a Kitchen Assistant at the Sustainability Institute’s Drie Gewels Guesthouse where she is responsible for preparing meals for the SI’s children as well as keeping the guesthouse looking spotless.

Melicia van Wiese
Assistant - Early Learning

Melicia is an assistant of Lynedoch Early Learning and looks after children from the ages of 0-3 years old in the crèche. 

Melisa Makillie
Youth Hub Co-ordinator

Melisa is invested in inspiring the youth of our community through her position as Youth Hub Co-ordinator.

Monique Beukes
Administrator - Master's Programme

Monique assists Beatrix Steenkamp with administration of the Master's Programme in Sustainable Development.

Moses Malan

As the Groundskeeper at the Sustainability Institute, Moses is one of the reasons why the SI grounds look so beautiful.

Mzukisi Malibeni
Installer - iShack

Mzukisi is originally from Umtata and came to the Western Cape in 2006 at the age of 16. He was a Class Leader at Kayamandi High where he matriculated. After working as an iShack Installer since March 2015 he has already gained interest in becoming a qualified electrician.

Naledi Mabeba
Advisor - Early Learning

Naledi is part of the Indaba Montessori Institute (IMI) faculty, and fills the role of mentor and advisor for IMI and the Lynedoch Children's House.

Natasha Rossouw
Youth Coordinator

Natasha is the Youth Coordinator at the Sustainability Institute and has been involved in youth projects since the age of 14.